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The platform for managing all processes in your company is the perfect solution for your truck business

Dispatch & Safety

Dispatch - Trips
FleetСare TMS is primarily a convenient service for employees, helping them control all aspects of business, starting with cargo search and ending with its delivery.

Thanks to FleetСare TMS, employees have a convenient and reliable service that will help dispatchers monitor such indicators as lists of customers, trailer type, routes, gross, total miles, etc.
You no longer need to buy several services, everything is in one program.

Safety - Logbooks
Trucking is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.
Drivers spend a lot of time on the road, which is why the US Department of Transportation limits the amount of time a driver spends driving a truck and requires them to follow the rules and keep a logbook of the time spent behind the wheel.

We have developed a convenient tool for tracking drivers' working time.

Dispatch & Safety

Our Expertise

Machine Learning & AI
AI is currently driving remarkable progress. At Fleet Care Group, we are recognized expert AI & ML coders in Machine Learning & AI services. Our comprehensive offerings, which enable businesses to seamlessly integrate and scale AI within their operations, include strategy development, implementation, and ongoing management support.
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Big Data
Integrating Big Data solutions in the modern business landscape can be immensely beneficial, as it can significantly boost operational efficiency and drive significant revenue growth.
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Data Science
Data Science refines the business insights an organization derives from its data. Fleet Care Group helps businesses improve their decision-making by using extensive data sets to extract valuable insights that improve business value.
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Digital Transformation
Digital transformation fundamentally changes the way businesses are run and how they provide value to their customers. Our strategy centers on working with organizations at their current level and providing a tailored combination of services to ensure their digital transformation journey is successful.
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Internet of Things
At Fleet Care Group, we offer comprehensive IoT services to our clients, helping them turn their business requirements into a competitive edge through innovative solutions powered by IoT technology.
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UI/UX Design
If you're looking for a team that can provide a well-defined UI/UX design process, meet deadlines, and deliver exceptional results, consider working with Fleet Care Group. Our designers can assist you in building an engaging product quickly and efficiently.
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Dispatch statistics
Analyze statistics, evaluate work results, and create reports for each dispatcher using FleetCare TMS and view statistics on various sections: date, type of trailer, responsible dispatcher, gross and many others, depending on your needs. View statistics and identify the most valuable employees in the company for their additional bonuses and incentives.

Process optimization, efficiency, speed and deadlines have become key indicators that allow logistics companies to successfully work in the industry. Upload reports and draw conclusions for even more successful work of your company. View reports for dispatchers and the security department.

Track dozens of performance metrics in a convenient format!

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