Our core custom software development services 

Our team delivers customized solutions to align with the vision and unique challenges faced by our customers' businesses. We implement a design plan for our coding, and  can integrate our services with existing systems and third-party applications. We also design the architecture with scalability at the forefront of our decisions and design, implementing security measures for continued protection of sensitive data. We also excel at data migration, user training and ongoing maintenance and support.

Custom software development lifecycle 

To deliver a software solution for your specific needs, we work through a set of stages. We research your business needs and requirements to gain an understanding of the scope of work required. Then we outline the tasks, timelines, and resources. Throughout the process, our team collaborates with you to ensure seamless alignment with your goals and deliver tailored solutions.

Then we create a blueprint for the development before beginning the coding. With extensive testing, we deliver a high-functioning deliverable, along with ongoing feedback, technical support, and training for your team. Throughout this process, you’ll appreciate our proactive communication to keep you updated and involved in the process and application of the project from pre-to-post completion.

Our core custom software development services 

Our services

Software Development
Custom enterprise software is a crucial part of any business development. This software solution allows you to seamlessly integrate your company's best practices, obtaining a direct competitive edge. At Fleet Care Group, we recognize the significance of creating and executing top-notch enterprise software for businesses. Our team of seasoned IT experts offers a comprehensive range of development services to collaborate with your enterprise and assist you in achieving your objectives.
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QA and Testing
Fleet Care Group offers comprehensive QA and software testing services that ensure that software meets user expectations and requirements. Our QA services are designed to help our clients deliver high-quality software within tight deadlines and frequent release schedules. With our QA services, you can gain greater control over your product's life cycle.
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DevOps Consulting
A well-executed DevOps strategy can assist software-focused companies in accomplishing their short and long-term objectives and growth. However, venturing out on one's own could be risky due to various uncertainties. It is advisable to rely on a DevOps consulting service provider with a proven history of helping corporations implement a concise Digital Transformation plan that delivers tangible outcomes.
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IT Consulting
Our technology consulting solutions can help you if you want to automate, modernize, or undertake a complete transformation journey. Our services cover strategy, design, development, implementation, risk management, and managed services. In today's business landscape, every company is becoming a technology enterprise, and we're here to help you with the transition.
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Technical Support
Technical support involves managing and maintaining computer hardware and software systems, focusing on resolving technical problems related to customer accounts or company software infrastructure. Fleet Care Group helps businesses optimize technology by building their IT infrastructure and managing data, communication, and security.
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Why choose Fleet Care Group?

We’ve been delivering custom software solutions for several years, building strong relationships with companies that trust us to provide essential design and IT solutions. Our strong knowledge of best practices in various industries provides a lot of benefit to our clients. With our professional history and data-driven decisions, we work collaboratively with you on your project to deliver the best results.

Tools & Technologies our software developers use: 

Fleet Care Group leverages the latest programming languages and development frameworks. We deliver user-friendly web applications and frameworks for both small and large-scale projects through:

  • Vue.js
  • Python 
  • Modx
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Yii2
  • Laravel
  • React

By being aware of so many tools and technologies our team can tailor solutions to your specific needs, whether they be application development, responsive web pages, design and IT services. 


What is the ISO certification? Is Fleet Care Group ISO certified? 

ISO certification is a globally recognized standard related to quality, safety, and efficiency.To zajišťuje, že společnosti přistupují ke své práci se zaměřením na management kvality, spokojenost zákazníků a nakládání s kritickými daty na základě účinných postupů IT bezpečnosti. Fleet Care Group is ISO-certified.


How to choose a software development services company? 

Choosing the right company is critical and can impact the success of your project. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right match for your business. 


• Industry Expertise and Reviews
Consider the track record and previous projects of the company. Looking at previous projects gives insight into the capabilities and solutions they’ve developed.

• Technology Stack
A scalable solution is essential for any business. The developing and IT teams of your potential partner should be across the latest programming languages and frameworks for delivering custom software services.

• IoT and Data-Driven Analytics
Familiarity with these technologies provides insights into performance and enhances operational efficiency. It’s a great way to improve the overall efficiency of managing operations and meeting business needs.

• Customized solutions
Enquire about examples of custom development. Your distinct requirements demand attention for a seamless and pertinent implementation.

What are the biggest benefits of outsourcing to a software development company? 

Outsourcing your software development to professionals like Fleet Care Group enhances your business model. You gain access to our skilled professionals, who allow you to concentrate on your core strategies and operations. It’s more affordable than an in-house team and the hiring process — you get access to a complete team of IT and development services firms.


Continuous development and support for business drives growth in an efficient manner across technological advancements and mitigates risk. Once you receive your tailored software solution, you’ll see the value of having a great management tool that scales with your business. It’s an investment that yields results through time efficiency for managing operations and systems in your business.

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